Our leadership

Our leadership team met last night. I am very thankful for the attitude of our group. They have a most cooperative spirit and are a pleasure to work with. This Sunday we will nominate and elect new members, as some members have fulfilled their three year term and by our … Continue reading

Election fatigue

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting election-weary. While I have always been fascinated by politics, and have strong opinions about who should be elected and even stronger feelings about who shouldn’t be, we are not even close to November and I’m sort of tired of it. But, then … Continue reading

Don’t write them off

We often write off the difficult spiritual cases. We assume because someone is in a certain profession or of a certain political persuasion or involved in a particular pastime or some other reason (and they are countless), that they have no interest in God. I’m afraid that I have often … Continue reading


Good Monday morning. It’s the beginning of a work week and the end of a tax year. I’m sure you are thinking, “is there any good news?” I’m glad you asked. Today is an opportunity to try again. It’s a new week that has never been. Never has the world … Continue reading

Where we meet

I was at the school tonight (our meeting place) and ran into someone building the set for the school’s upcoming presentation of Beauty and the Beast. I plan to attend the production the first week in May. You should too. Outside, the district track and field championship was winding down. … Continue reading

Long-term thinking

Writer Phil Cooke has an interesting post on long-term thinking. I suppose since the invention of instant coffee and the microwave oven we expect things to be done quickly. Unfortunately, some things take time. Some of our thinking and action could do with a little fermenting in the vat of discretion and … Continue reading


I was thinking about the little church building in which I was baptized many years ago. Back in those days we rode in a horse-drawn buggy to church and there was no electric lighting… wait, that isn’t true! But, this is true:  It was a very long time ago. It … Continue reading

Disaster relief

Sunday we shared a video about our ongoing mission effort called The Cooperative Program (CP). The word “program” brings to mind a stodgy, formal and mechanical effort. The CP is far from just a program. It is a dynamic and cooperative enterprise connecting churches across the nation for a common … Continue reading

A greater cause

As a member of Lifebasics Church, you are part of a great mission enterprise to share the Gospel to the furtherest parts of the earth. Our church is not supervised by a higher ecclesiastical body so this is not something we are forced to do. We are autonomous. But, our … Continue reading