DSC_1434I was born in Tallahassee and today it is my home. My journey has included Dallas and Ft. Worth (country of Texas), Tampa, Lakeland, and a wonderful spot nestled between Picnic and Ft. Lonesome called Alafia. My greatest achievement is fathering Haley and Heather. They stretch me, challenge me, teach me and love me. My greatest win is finding Kathy (who also made my greatest achievement possible.) My greatest wonder is to have been found by Jesus Christ. As a result, I serve Him, and hopefully you, since you are reading this.

I am lead pastor of LIFEBASICS Church in Tallahassee, Florida. We are attempting to establish an irreplaceable presence for the Gospel in the southeastern quadrant of Leon county. I share messages every Sunday at 10AM at our present location, Florida State University Schools at SouthWood. Our church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. I have served as president of the Florida Baptist Convention’s Executive Board (State Board of Missions). I have served as a trustee of the Baptist College of Florida. I currently serve as president of the Florida Baptist Association Board of Directors and it’s Associational Council.

I am a Realtor®. My brother, Daryl McLaughlin, founded McLaughlin Real Estate and is a successful real estate broker. I’m thankful that I finally yielded to his hounding me to get a real estate license. When my friends are playing golf or fishing, I’m doing real estate. I have a lot of fun working with Daryl and my sister, Leanne McLaughlin Gregory. I also enjoy how differently some people converse with a real estate agent compared to a pastor.

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