Two months early – right on time

You have probably heard that I am now a proud grandfather. Mac Harrison Bishop decided he couldn’t wait another two months and thought he would make life fun for all of us on July 18. Weighing in at only 2 lbs, 2oz, he is so tiny and yet, he is a perfectly-formed bundle of humanity. Nic and Heather were preparing for an early term delivery, but not this early.

Heather had pre-eclampsia which is a pregnancy induced blood pressure thing that can be risky for mom as well as baby. They ordered a sonogram for noon on Monday and at 12:30PM the doctor ordered a c-section. Within an hour, Mac changed all of our worlds.
Everything went well and we are thankful to God. Mac is in an amazing NICU at Sarasota Memorial. Heather will be a patient for a short while longer, but little Mac will call this home for possibly a couple of months.

Nic and Heather have not been able to hold him yet. They hoped to change a particular line through Mac’s tummy and replace it with a PICC line. His platelets were low, so they will delay. Once successfully done, mom and dad should be able to finally cuddle him.

Heather thought she was going to be released perhaps today. However, the doctor became concerned yesterday and ordered some tests for her because of her high risk. So far, the test results are somewhat reassuring. Having to go through the tests is not.

Heather said, “This is our new normal.” But, they are both proud, loving, doting parents. Nic has been by Heather’s or Mac’s side continually. Watching them, I’m confident and encouraged at what wonderful parents they are and will be.

Things change quickly. Life is like that. We are grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord through this.

We are proud of all of them and really appreciate your prayers and support.

I look forward to introducing you to Mac.

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